Tallia storm parade her legs are tight sexy mini dress by 600 new shoots

She was confident to try sexy mini dress color and style in the wardrobe.

And tallia storm, 19, put on a wacky fashion parade again, when she presented a storm in a Versace mini dress on Thursday in London, taking a picture.

Pop princess, who has just released her first album. The girl’s tears, showing her slender legs thigh skimming clothing designer has by the price of 600.

Tallia caught the eye with a “bodycon love mini dress Versace bold stripe pattern.

Sex identifies her expectations, and love hitmaker still puts her comfortable sneakers into high-heeled boots.

The Glasgow beauty climbed onto a motorcycle with her high-heeled shoes on the sexy side.

Sweeping her blond hair from her face, the Scotland singer joins the drama she looks like with smoky eye makeup.

Tallia recently discussed her secret youth, romantic tenderness, Brooklyn Beckham.

The Scotland beauty explained that, despite her intimate relationship with the Brook forest, she was introduced to his superstar parents, 42 year old fashion designer Vitoria, 41 year old former soccer player David, and often wandered around the house.

“We’re dating, it’s like a puppy,” tallia said.” Our sexy mini dress love is very personal. We only met once together.

He came to see me perform. We’re very secretive. It’s true. We spent a lot of time together.

His father used to take him to my house, and I went to his house. I have only respect for his parents.

When it comes to the end of their relationship, she adds, “when I see him talking to another girl in the newspaper, it’s over. I like, ‘Oh, my God’.”

Tallia admits she broke her heart, and revealed that she was single and loved in the summer, all about her “puppy love” and Brook’s forest.

Aspiring photographer, Brook forest area has rekindled his love affair with Hollywood actress Chloe Grace Moretz.


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