Jennifer Lopez, 48, wearing sexy mini dress in Dubai… Before the happy birthday of Alex Rodriguez’s daughter, thirteenth years old

Jennifer Lopez is 48 years old. It looks incredible in sexy mini dress. In fact, she looks better than most 38 year old children.

Last Friday, Cupid reminded her that she had the best commercial trophies for her own hips in Balmain’s clothes at her Dubai Hotel staircase.

Just before that, the sirens wanted Alex Rodriguez’s daughter to be happy on her thirteenth birthday.

Sirens say: “a big Instagram thirteenth happy birthday, this love, beauty, the soul of art…”

Alex’s daughter was named Natasha, and JLo called her. He has a daughter ella.

Lopez has her own daughter, Emme, aged nine, his twin brother Max.

The maids in Manhattan took part in an air show in town.

The former Yankees baseball player said in his description that two people were eating at 1 a.m., and they lagged behind.

But JLo doesn’t look tired.

Instead, the blue star has a clean makeup, perfect makeup, elegant hair style, and ironing locks.

She was wearing a striking, eye-catching sexy mini dress. She hid her assets on a bare board.

The star is on a beautiful staircase, looking at her handsome boyfriend, who she is, is said to live in New York now.

On Wednesday night, the 48 year old lady filled the crowd with Versace bras and tight pants.

The actress arrived in the city a few days ago.

Cupid is tonal events and tanned songbirds.

She was glowing on the stage, showing off her arms and abs. A beautiful girl born in Bronx wears her blond part with a fat golden chain.

She sang a lot of her songs, including Jenny from the block.

On Monday, nickel mud yo singers from Dubai where she copied snapshot a sexy backless dress stunning.

Her title is: “Oh, hello…”

When Lindsay Lohan tried to let the second act actress follow her on Twitter, the post appeared, and the result was unknown.

Lopez also uses social media to share a photo she’s dancing with. Dubai, here we come! She wrote in the headline.

Before she went to Dubai, the beauty of Bronx shared her lunch, which seemed to be inviting sexy mini dress pictures to spread.

Her new song, Amor Amor Amor, dropped last week, and it has been a blow.

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