How to nail the expression of Christmas party (hint: don’t try to calm down)

It’s not cool to admit long sleeve mini dress that you like a Christmas party. Cool people walking in the pop-up roof negore Ronnie bar, or in the burning man, and then roll their eyes and make sarcastic jokes about copier when Christmas Eve comes. Fool them more.

I like Christmas parties. Because, first of all, mince pies. At the same time, Italy. Christmas is the only time in a year. As an adult, you go to a party and you get a cake. Result. Besides, the Christmas party is fun, not posturing and calm. That’s probably why cool people don’t like them. Think about it.

Holiday dress is the best: indulgence and comfort, not exposure, difficulty or provocation. Any need for body sculpting underwear or faffy strapless bra can wait until new year’s Eve, thank you very much. The best Christmas party long sleeve mini dress, don’t try to turn you into anyone you don’t have, but raise the tired, five to eight, you sparklier, twinklier version of you.

The best dressed people at the party are rarely the best dressed people. I’m a believer in the effort, but this does not mean that myself like the Enlightenment of Blackpool. I, I’ve never seen one before, I don’t like it. I’m going to wear feathers this Christmas, probably at lunchtime. But if high octane is not your stuff, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a party look.

Your appearance can be a gorgeous black pants suit and shoes. Just add a printed shirt, or a cup of red, you can dye the color. Forget the scratchy Lace: Cream fat cord was added to the Nordic hygge chic, with an excellent earrings and a popular blush at night. You can walk around and hold your belly and choose a green satin, a long sleeved blouse with sequins and a pair of sequins jeans.

If you’re going to invest in 2017, make a coat. It has been made from the classic dinner of the dull work clothes, now joined the party, and ice cubes are jingling. Tight top and all – jeans, velvet mini dress, trousers – take will not increase too much disco ball of light.

Accessories? This is a season of putting out your most impractical bags, or showing your high-heeled shoes. (wearing long, loose, flowing, long dress, very late updated and woven, you’ve been wearing long sleeve mini dress all the autumn) Keep your to-do list and hand sanitizer at home, swinging your smallest, most stupid bag. Gee, put on your cat ears, if the mood takes you. Do you know the rules of coco Chanel about looking in the mirror and taking one thing down? Not applicable at the time of arrival. If so, you need to add an extra touch key to complete your party’s appearance. Meat pie, anybody?

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