Calm and cautious: the spring of M & A reflects the atmosphere of the board of directors

The Martha display cabinet runs at three levels. This is a peek of the long sleeve mini dress choices that will be sold next season. This is a litmus test, which will break the fashion bubble, make it big in the street. Finally – so it’s seen as an interest in the fashion world – a strategy to look at self-image and retail giants. Two times a year – bullish or timid mood in the M&S board, spelling out experiments or nostalgia in the skirt, price and color combination.

Now that kind of mood is sober, so aesthetic is cautious. This may be a long sleeve mini dress based display model. A color block of Navy and emerald style will be after Christmas, although spring will see an embroidered cotton in dusty pink.

Emphasis on dress and sleeves on the basis of the successful Autumn constellation dress, navy and silver embroidery figures, in its peak season last month is the speed of sale every 90 seconds. “Even in the summer, she also love sleeved dress,” the director of the Belinda Earl style retailers in the preview said.

Customers who are honored as “omnipotent” and “mysterious” are always associated with female pronouns. Customer demand, rather than the idea of fashion week, is the main factor that reflects the preview of the collection before the invitation of 75 carefully selected customers to be invited.

Wearable is S and S do a good job. Sleeve mini dress is a lovely place: Modern and trend, but classic. And the retailer fell from a spectacular catwalk low price, and it didn’t retreat to matronliness.

A night editor, on Wednesday, is an adult Partywear: embellished knitwear, an amazing jacquard skirt, with the Nigella silk kimono kimono hostess seen this season. Shoes, and the trend of the overall downward trend in recent years of strong sales figures, has developed a combination of the worship of their comfort and modern style, is again strong, woven leather Court (not too high) and sleek with 2018 ubiquitous white cat high-heeled ankle boots.

In the preview, the style of popular language is back to “wearability” and “versality”. The actual situation of the customer group is obvious, every one-piece swimsuit has belly control, and the new bra technology can support without G cup.

These are M times the fashion reflected in the change from the previous lead fashion, Jo Jenkins last season event, who recently left white company, with the new boss Jill McDonald, who joined the merger of the company has taken the responsibility of long sleeve mini dress fashion. Treisand MacDonald said, “it’s too early for fashion propaganda. “I’m listening to the team. I know they’re listening to the customers.”

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