Britney Spears was wearing a new Instagram in a pink tight sexy mini dress

Britney Spears put on a tight pink sexy mini dress to show her famous characters.

The poisonous singer regularly posted her clothing or family fashion shows on her social media page.

On Monday night, Britney and her fans shared Instagram’s latest styling, trimming the neckline details from the pink tight mini dress style.

Britney, 36, placed a series of postures in front of a window, full of color in his legs.

Fans liked the pictures, and one of the articles wrote, “it’s epic to wear this lovely dress.”

The other wrote, “you look attractive.” the third year old added, “I must say that you are one of the prettiest women I have ever seen, and also a very good mother.” [SIC].

Britney celebrated her birthday in December 2nd – a recent visit to her Losangeles mansion.

Her boyfriend Sam Asghari, you can see Elvis Britney singing the classic songs on her birthday unable to restrain the emotions of her great home front room.

On her rejoicing day, Sam filled the room with red rose petals.

With a sweet gesture, he put some flowers on the ground and made a shape of the heart.

He also entertained Britney with some lovely cupcakes and desserts on the table.

When the camera lens, the fans can see in Britney’s huge home – the completion of a huge Christmas tree.

The curved staircase was a big piano, and Britney previously admitted that she liked to play.

At the corner of the staircase, more ornaments were arranged, including a big teddy bear with a hat and gloves.

Britney has hung up her two son’s Christmas stockings and can see her background in the video of the fireplace.

After Sam’s gift, Britney’s huge Christmas tree glitters in the background.

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