Kate Beckinsale’s Black Leather sexy mini dress and lemon yellow are introduced in detail at Hollywood’s one year party GQ male fashion

Kate Beckinsale walked the red carpet in sexy mini dress at malmond Manor Hotel on Thursday of the year party men in Hollywood GQ.

The British actress looks great in a black leather sexy mini dress.

The detail of the lemon yellow corset and skirt and the gold ring on the neck.

Kate added black tights and black top shoes.

She was wearing a long lock and curly curly hair on her shoulders.

Her eyes were inlaid with black eyeliner and mascara and pink lipstick.

Kate met with the British actor Robert Pattinson.

The two people took a picture, and their arms embraced each other.

The Twilight actor is sharp in a black suit white pipe and a black cotton mini dress, with a little beard.

Pattinson told GQ magazine that he went to extremes in September, escaping fame and fortune to starring the Twilight series, and he said he wanted to eat his identity.

He says there are some ways that can easily disappear. It’s just an effort, and most people really don’t have to work hard.

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