Ariel Winter Turns head on the red carpet with sequins black sexy mini dress, get a kiss from boyfriend Levi Meaden

Ariel Winter showed a lot of skin when she wears sexy mini dress walked onto the red carpet with her boyfriend Levi Meaden on Wednesday night.

The 19 year old actress walked out of the stunning Black Sequin mini dress, including a lace neckline, to her navel. She paired sexy designs with a pair of black pumps and earrings.

As for meadon, he in all the colors of black sexy mini dress girlfriend coordination.

Happy couples are all dressed up in LaPalme square, the Nightingale square in Losangeles, California. Winter is featured in a release of autumn coverage as well as star Peter Faye Sin Leigh, who is also active.

Before the red carpet, the modern family stars with her Instagram followers, she works in her fitness video.” Back to the gym, “she crouched down with her video.

In her interview with LaPalme, winter – just beginning to go to college in the fall – admit other benefits beyond her acting, and even become a lawyer or campaign.

“I thought about politics, though it wasn’t my idea,” she said. Of course, this is step by step.”

Hollywood’s breakthrough is probably what winter needs. Earlier this year, the television star told ET about the challenges she faced in her spotlight.

She said: “a lot of people, when they want to enter their adult career and transition period, will try to make people believe that they are adults, rather than let them happen naturally at work.” The key, she points out, is not to force it. Part of the adult life, to make their own choice, to be themselves. That’s it.”

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